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This ever-popular vacation activity helps extend the experience of children and gives them the excitement of seeing new things. Excursions may begin close to home, with visits to the zoo, vet farm, archaeology museum, or computing centre. Older children visit departments like the University Library, Geology, Botany, or Agricultural Engineering. With the bus, excursions can be extended to the town—the fire station, post office, telephone exchange, bakery. Trips are also made to more distant places— Orba market, the ironworks at Lejja, an aluminum factory, cashew plantation, Ada rice, the Coca-cola bottling company. On occasion children have gone as far as the state capital at Enugu to visit the airport, media houses, the National Museum, a coalmine, or the house of assembly. Whether near or far, excursions offer the excitement of an outing and are a most popular vacation activity.

Junior Activities
Activities for children 5 – 8 years enable children to learn through a variety of activities, such as storytelling, drama, art, crafts and games. They explore other lands through slides and stories, and their own environment through excursions. In 1992 the Children’s Centre developed a playroom where these activities often take place.


Youth Forum
The Children’s Centre concept has always included services to the youth of the community. In 1984, Willi Kalu introduced a Teenage Forum to give adolescents the opportunity to discuss areas of concern. This was the take-off point for the International Youth Year Workshop on Youth and the Family held in 1985. Activities have included discussions of psychological, socio-cultural and health issues and recreational activities such as a cookout at the Archaeological Village. The Children’s Centre continues to be concerned over the lack of healthy recreational opportunities for youth. A dream yet to be fulfilled is the creation of a youth clubhouse as a recreational centre where adolescents can socialize, have snacks, listen to music, and play table tennis or chess.