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The University Women’s Association has developed a number of programs with university students. In 1989 the women participated in a number of forums with various segments of the community in an attempt to bring people together and solve some pressing problems facing the community at that time.

Youth Forum for First Year Students - In 1999 the University Women’s Association organized a Youth Forum for first year students, orienting them on such topics as safety, sanitation, personal hygiene, cultism, proper dressing, and examination ethics.

AIESEC - In 2002 a cooperative relationship was formed between UWA and the international students’ organization AIESEC. As a result AIESEC has been given office accommodation in the Madam Hulder Iwuanyanwu Building and members assist with Children’s Centre programs such as story hour and vacation activities. AIESEC programs, such as a training workshops and language classes, have been held in the Children’s Centre Hall. On June 5, 2002 UWA and AIESEC organized a forum on prostitution. AIESEC members also played a crucial support role in the Children’s Centre Silver Jubilee Celebration in 2004. More recently, in 2009 and 2010, AIESEC has mounted training programs in entrepreneurial skills and HIV/AIDS awareness.

NIA Since late 2003, UWA has been actively involved with a new non-governmental organization devoted to empowering young women in southeastern Nigeria to reach their highest potential. This is NIA, an acronym formed from the Igbo words Ndu (life), Ike (strength) and Akunuba (wealth). Participants include university students, young workers, and secondary school leavers. In November 2003 NIA came to Nsukka to hold a consciousness-raising film series. This was followed in February 2004 by a weekend Leadership Institute and skills sessions in May. Those who completed the program joined the second NIA graduation on May 15, 2004. The first graduating class from UNN held a workshop on the Nigerian Woman and the Twenty-First Century in the Children's Centre Hall on June 26, 2004. setstatsNIA returned to Nsukka for a second Leadership Institute in 2004, for two additional ones in 2005-2006 and another three in 2007-2008. Graduates attended the 5 th graduation and first homecoming of NIA in Enugu on June 9, 2008.