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Recent donations 2008-present
Earlier donations 2005-2008
Silver Jubilee donations, 2004
Donations from 1978 to 2003


Donations 2011-2012
Mrs. Uma Agarwal, our founding member now resident in India, for $200.00
Indianapolis Public Library for 2 cartons of books
Peninsula Community Library, Traverse City, Michigan for books
Virginia Dike for postage of books from the U.S. and donation of books from South Africa
Ejim Dike for continuing sponsorship of the website
Chinelo Dike-Minor for 6 puppets
Chinweze Dike for 2 cartons of comics for prison libraries and postage from U.S.
Donations 2010-2011
Children’s Day Celebration
UWA 20,000.00 Dr. M. O. Okoye 1,000.00
Prof. El Anatsui 10,000.00 Dr. Alice M. Okore 1,000.00
Dr. Anthonia Uzuegbunam (on behalf of grandchildren Ketochukwu & Nkimpka) 10,000.00 Mr. Vincent Ekwelem
Mr. Dim
Dr. Mercy U. Nwegbu 1,000.00
Prof. Uche Nzewi 10,000.00 Dr. Ezekiel O. Omeje 1,000.00
Prof. Chinedu Nebo 10,000.00 Dr. Victor N. Nwachukwu 1,000.00
Prof. Kate Oreh 5,000.00 Mr. Cyprian I Ugwu 1,000.00
Dr. Jo Alumanah 5,000.00 Mr. N. T. Imo 1,000.00
Dr. Nkadi Onyegegbu 5,000.00 Mr. E. D. Chigbu 1,000.00
F. Jumoke Oloidi 5,000.00 Jerry Ezirim 1,000.00
Mrs. C. I. Ezekwe (on behalf of grandchildren Ike, Ugonna, Chimdindu, Somtochukwu) 5,000.00 Mr. Ernest C. Onah
Prof. Vero Okeke (on behalf of granddaughter Obimdinachi 1,000.00
Dr. Chizua Umeano 4,000.00 Maggi Acholonu 1,000.00
Anonymous 2,500.00 Mr. Chijioke Ugwuanyi 500.00
Dr.(Mrs.) U.kwe 2,000.00 Dr. Amaka Okafor 500.00
Anthony N. Eke 2,000.00 Mr. A. A. Ali 500.00
Anonymous 2,000.00 Mr. B. Asadu 500.00
Prof. Elsie Ogbonna 2,000.00 Mr. C. C. Eze 500.00
Ms. Terri Emezi (on behalf of grandchildren Chiwetara Mandela & Adannaya Lonay) 2,000.00

Mr. I. Ezema
Mr. Brendan Asogwa
Anonymous 500.00
Mrs. Nkechi Okeke 1,000.00 Uche Ukaegbu 200.00
Total 120,400.00

Other Donations
Sandor Peri Mem. Art Prize N119,500 Francoise Ugochukwu, author 10 books
Audrey & Ugonna Ezeh ($300) N45,000 Peninsula Community Lib. 18 books
Ejim Dike for sponsoring website $100 Indianapolis Public Library 10 books
Chiagozie Nwokolo 76 books USAID 2 books
Okpara Tochukwu Felicia 45 books Nkem Dike 1 book
Rebecca Nwude 37 books Kathy Elekwa 1 book
Chinweze Dike 56 comics


Sandor Peri Memorial Art Prize of 500 Pounds
The Children’s Centre has received the 2010 Sandor Peri Memorial Art Prize of 500 pounds sterling (N119,750.00) for creation of art work in the playground. Sandor Peri, the University architect from 1975-1987, graciously donated the design for the Children’s Centre Madam Hulder Iwuanyanwu Building in 1980. The prize was instituted by his wife Liz and friends in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts following his death in 2007 as a way of continuing his legacy to the arts. We are very grateful to Liz Peri for this generous donation.

Children's Centre donations, 2009-2010

Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (courtesy of Curt Witteveen and Miriam Geib) - 130 books

Traverse Area District Library (courtesy of Director Metta T. Lansdale and Barbara Nowinsky) - 90 books

People United for Libraries in Africa (PULA) (courtesy of Mark and Mary Dunn) - $500 for school libraries

Virginia W. Dike - $230 for postage of books to Nigeria

Ejim Dike - sponsorship of website for 6th year at $100 per year

Ihekweazu family - N25,000 for the 6th annual grant for the African Children's Literature Research Collection in memory of their mother, Prof. Edith Ihekweazu

Pius Udo, the Centre's first youth corper (1989), now the librarian of the ILO in Abuja, and family - N5,000

Postgraduate Students of Childhood Education - N10,000

University Librarian, Dr. Charles Omekwu for donation of 12 tables and 38 chairs

Chinweze Dike for assistance in maintaining the website

Books from the Spanish Embassy, American Embassy, Kalu and Dike families

Children’s Centre donations, 2008-2009

Ejim Dike for sponsoring the website for the fifth year @ approximately $100 per year;
The Edith Ihekweazu Family for their 5th annual grant of N20,000 for the research collection;
Chinweze Dike for donating his extensive collection of super hero comics;
Kodili Ezeike for N25,000, used to construct a photo album display case;
Willi Kalu for a donation of $70;
Ify Nebo for stitch-and-stuff artwork depicting Noah’s ark;
Indianapolis Public Library, USA for 2 cartons of books donated in April 2009;
Traverse Area District Library, USA for 5 cartons of books + postage of $378;
People United for Libraries in Africa for US $1,500 to buy books for school libraries;
Katia Novet Saint-Lot, author of Amadi’s Snowman, for 5 copies of her picture book;
Virginia Dike for $200 for website & N12,000;
Books from Ejim, Nkem & Chinelo Dike.

Children’s Day Celebration
Cash donations
Bonez Nig.Ltd. N50,000;
Jives Pure Water N10,000;
Chioma Bakeries N5,000;
UNN MFB N40,000;
Hilson Nig.Ltd. N10,000;
Prof. A.C.Anyanwu N5,000;
John Holt Nig. N20,000;
Albertina N10,000;
Prof. Uche Agwagah N3,000;
Jendicks Nig.Ltd. N10,000;
Lolo Okwor N5,000;
Ferdinand Asogwa N2,000;
Emyap Nig.Ltd. N10,000;
Lolo Mamah N5,000
Prof. Nwadike N1,000;
Total = N186,000

Non-cash donations
University of Nigeria General Enterprises 50 pieces of meat pie;
University of Nigeria water resources laboratories 20 bags pure water + 1 carton bot. water;
Coca Cola Bottling Company 3 crates mineral;
Anthony Obetta 3 crates mineral;
Dr. (Mrs.) Ifeoma Echezona 2 cartons Beloxi cream cracker biscuits;
Ecaison Pure Water 10 bags of pure water;
Chitis Bakeries 500 kg chin chin;
Mr. and Mrs. Umeano 100 chairs
M. C. Pure Water 20 bags pure water + 4 cartons bottled water;
UBA Plc UNN branch 5 dozen 40 leaves exercise books;
Prof. A. C. Anyanwu 2 cartons Beloxi cream cracker biscuits.