Dr. Ngozi Osadebe - Chair

Secretary 2002-2018. Senior Librarian in the University Library, heading special needs section. Coordinator of the “Cubs” Reading/Football Club; organizer of children’s programs and literacy activities; member of the library and prison library sub-committees, playground development committee. Ph. D degree on hearing-impaired students received award as the best in Nigerian library schools for 2016possesses Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Professional Diploma in Computer Studies and Master of Business Administration Degrees; received University of Nigeria, Nsukka Excellence Performance Award, 2017. E-mail: ngozi.osadebe@unn.edu.ng.

Prof. Josephine Nkiru-Edna Alumanah – Vice-Chair.

Professor of Sociology and Anthropology (retired). Founding Mother of Children’s Centre; active in children’s programs, youth forum, and the motherless babies project; caroling coordinator. E-mail: joalumanah@yahoo.com

Dr. Grace Uchechi Onyebuchi - Secretary

Lecturer II in the Dept. of Library and Information Science with special interest in information literacy. Leader in the committee’s schools and prison library outreach; member of sub-committees on school libraries, website and social media; organizer of events and holiday programs, and literacy and creative writing workshops. PhD on entrepreneurship improvement through secondary school library-based comic writing programs. E-mail: grace.onyebuchi@unn.edu.ng.

Dr. Victoria Nwamaka Okafor – Treasurer

Former Financial Secretary of UWA; Deputy University Librarian, presently heading physical challenged and branch libraries division; areas of interest are bibliometric studies, scholarly publishing, open access studies, information seeking and user studies; editor of Review of Information Science and Technology Journal. E-mail: victoria.okafor@unn.edu.ng.

Elizabeth Babarinde – Asst. Secretary/Financial Secretary

Librarian at Children’s Centre, Assistant Lecturer in Library & Information Science. Active in schools outreach and vacation programs, research on social media and reading promotion; served in Children’s Centre during her National Youth Service in 2006.
E-mail: elizabeth.babarinde@unn.edu.ng.

Prof. Virginia (Jill) Dike – Senior Member

Immediate Past Chair (2002;2018); University Professor (retired) in Library and Information Science (specializing in children’s literature and school librarianship). Founding Mother of Children’s Centre; Chair of the library committee from 1978-2002; Secretary of the Children’s Centre Committee, 1985-1992Member of the library, prison library and schools outreach sub- committees; member of the equipment and playground development committees; financial secretary of UWA, 1976-79; treasurer, 1993-97. Initiator and coordinator of the library as a teaching laboratory for library and information science and base for outreach programs. Received University of Nigeria distinguished service award in 2004 for contributions to Children’s Centre. E-mail: virginiadike@gmail.com.

Dr. Amaka Ejikeme – President, University Women’s Association (UWA)

Principal Librarian in the university library; Ph.D. degree in library and information science was an experimental study linking use of drama to information acquisition and attitude to social issues. Member of Children’s Day celebration and long vacation committees; organized book club for youth; caroling coordinator. E-mail: anthonia.ejikeme@unn.edu.ng.

Prof. Nancy Achebe – Member

As Head of Department of Library and Information Science, 2016-2020, she played a special supportive role in assigning and supervising Children’s Centre library staff and overseeing student practicals; was honored as a Founding Mother for her contributions in the 1980s before moving to Enugu; returned to Nsukka and rejoined the committee in 2016. E-mail: nancy.achebe@unn.edu.ng.

Dr. Margaret Ngwuchukwu - Member

Senior Lecturer in Department of Library and Information Science, with Ph.D on agency involvement in primary school library development in Southeast Nigeria, 1980-2010. Organizer of library science student practicals; active in library outreach to the prison and schools, story hour and activity programs; former CCL librarian. Email: margaret.ngwuchukwu@unn.edu.ng.

Evangeline Nwankwo – Member

Asst. Lecturer in Department of Library & Information Science. Participates in story and music hour with children. E-mail: Evangeline.nwankwo@unn.edu.ng.

Ify Evangel Obim – Member

Lecturer in Department of Library and Information Science; website administrator; member, sub-committee on social media; active in prisons visitation volunteer group and the school library outreach program. Email:ify.obim@unn.edu.ng

Judith Ezugwu – Member

Ph.D student of Department of Library and Information Science; active in school library outreach and children’s programs. Research interest is promoting information literacy competency of early childhood teachers in Enugu state, Nigeria. Email: jlezugwu@gmail.com

Beatrice Ewa – Member

Staff of the University Library, presently serving as ACCAI-UNN Principal Library Officer and studying for a Masters Degree (MLS) in Library and Information Science Department; caroling coordinator for Zone IV; active in story hour and children’s library activities.
E–mail: beatrice.ewa@unn.edu.ng.

Dr. Chika Madumere – Member

Librarian at Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria. Active in Children Centre activities such as story hour, club activities, holiday activities and special events. E-mail: chika.madumere@unn.edu.ng.

Helen Nneka Eke Okpala– Member

Librarian in university library; Ph.D. student in library and information science, with specialization in digital resources and services; convener of sub-committee on website and social media; website administrator; NIA graduate and peer educator trainer on HIV and AIDS issues; involved in vacation programs (dance, singing, computer) and the Virtual Water Summit. E-mail: helen.eke@unn.edu.ng.

Dr. Alice Okore – Member; Deputy University Librarian

Deputy University Librarian; former Financial Secretary of UWA and Convener of Library Committee; active in library and other committee matters; caroling coordinator. E-mail: alice.okore@unn.edu.ng.

Prof. Uche Agwagah – Member

University Professor of Mathematics Education; President of the University Women’s Association from 1997-2001; as President of UWA, initiated programs with university students and the prison outreach. E-mail: uche.agwagah@unn.edu.ng.

Prof. Chinwe Ezeani – Member

University Librarian. Past coordinator of vacation programs, active in story hour and other library activities member of equipment development committee;. E-mail: chinwe.ezeani@unn.edu.ng.

Fidelia Asiegbu - Member

Librarian in the university library; member of Psycho-Educational Testing Services committee; member of equipment and landscaping development committees; active in organizing vacation programs, visits to Motherless Babies Home, and excursions. E-mail: fidelia.asiegbu@unn.edu.ng.

Mrs. Ezinne Njoku – Member

Senior Librarian in University Library and Ph.D student in library and information science; active as vacation programs, especially in cookery; active in storyhour and other library activities. Email: ezinne.njoku@unn.edu.ng.

Dr. Ngozi Justina Ekere – Member

Principal Librarian with the University Library; past caroling coordinator, Eze Opi; teacher of digital wellness in long vacation program. UWA asst. secretary (2010-2012); UWA representative on the university staff school board (2010). E-mail: justina.ekere@unn.edu.ng

Dr. Adizetu Ali – Member

Librarian I in University Library; holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Library and Information Science; special interest is library and information science education. E-mail: adizetu.ali@unn.edu.ng.

Prof. Julie Ibiam – Member

University Professor in childhood education; former chair of Psycho-Educational Testing Services committee. E-mail: julie.ibiam@unn.edu.ng