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by knowledge we serve

The Children’s Centre is a project of the University Women’s Association offering children the educational and recreational facilities they need for development. It originated out of the desire of women at the University of Nigeria to create an environment that would enable children and youth to realize their full potential.

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The Children’s Centre Library (CCL) serves to encourage reading and the enjoyment of books, help users develop information and learning skills, and offer literature and learning materials reflecting Nigerian culture and environment.

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The Children’s Centre reaches out to the community through several programs. These include library services to Schools, Prison libraries, the Motherless babies project, and Psycho-educational testing services.

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Our Objectives

Relevant facilities

We provide relevant facilities and experiences for growth in a relaxed, warm, but professionally guided atmosphere

Development Of Values

To foster the development of values, respect for human dignity, and appreciation of the unity and diversity of human experience

Promoting Science and Technology

We provide materials for both scientific/technological discovery and exploration of all fields of knowledge

Promoting Culture

We provide a place for exploring the wealth of Nigerian culture—its concepts, values, festivals, literature, music, artisan activities and all forms of creative expression

Supporting Parents

We provide a place where parents receive assistance in the challenging task of bringing up children in our changing society.

Pursuit Of Interests

We provide a place where children can pursue their interests, talents, and studies at leisure and build their sense of competence and worth

Some Of Our Programs


Cookery classes have been a very popular activity, with attention to both Nigerian and international dishes…


This ever-popular vacation activity helps extend the experience of children and gives them the…

Caring For Others

This program of visits to the Motherless Babies Home was introduced to encourage social awareness and…

Arts And Crafts

Art helps children develop in imagination, creativity and self-expression. During vacation programs children…

Christmas Parties

Every Christmas the wife of the Vice-Chancellor and patron of UWA hosts a party for campus children,…

Science & Life Skills

A number of Children’s Centre activities have focused on science and practical skills…