UWA has developed a number of programs for university students over the years, for instance, orienting fresh students on such topics as safety, sanitation, personal hygiene, cultism, proper dressing, and examination ethics; and working to improve living conditions in the hostels.

AIESEC – In 2002 a cooperative relationship formed the international students’ organization AIESEC, leading to support during special events like the Children’s Centre Silver Jubilee Celebration, Children’s Day activities, and vacation programs; jointly-organized forums on topics like prostitution; programs organized by AIESEC on entrepreneurial skills and HIV/AIDS awareness; and assistance with the annual Christmas caroling.

NIA – From 2003-2013, UWA partnered with NIA, an acronym formed from the Igbo words Ndu (life), Ike (strength) and Akunuba (wealth), to help young women in southeastern Nigeria reach their highest potential. NIA regularly came to Nsukka for weekend leadership institute and skills sessions attended by university students, young workers, and secondary school leavers. Many have gained the confidence and skills needed to succeed, thanks to NIA.