You can support us by donating using the details below. Feel free to reach out to us if you have further enquiries:


Children’s Centre
2 Jamie Brooks Street
(opposite Akanu Ibiam Stadium)
University of Nigeria
Nsukka, Nigeria 410001


Access Bank Plc
Children’s Centre UWA UNN


Dr. Ngozi Osadebe
+234 807 244 9822


Dr. Victoria Amaka Okafor
+234 803 430 7953

Some Significant Past Donations

Chief E. C. Iwuanyanwu donates 500,000 naira

During a visit  to our benefactor at his Glass House office in Owerri on Feb. 13, 2018, Chief (Dr.) E. C. Iwuanyanwu presented the women of UWA with a cheque for 500,000 naira, a gift for Children’s Centre development and services.  The gift has enabled revitalization of the small children’s section of the library and refurbishing of the playground pavilion.  At the same time he offered his support toward further development plans for the Centre. We are ever grateful for Chief Iwuanyanwu’s continuing generosity and good will.

Parkside School in UK donates to Children's Centre

Students and staff of the Parkside School in the United Kingdom raised 931 pounds sterling for the Children’s Centre in response to the Silver Jubilee appeal. The mover behind the fundraising drive was art teacher Sue Ubagu, who conducted vacation art activities for the Children’s Centre in the 1980s, when she was resident in Nsukka. The money is being used to initiate computerization of the Centre, providing computer equipment for library use and a desktop publishing unit for producing reading and learning materials with local content.

Alcove donated in memory of Prof (Mrs.) Edith Ihekweazu

As their contribution to the Children’s Centre Silver Jubilee, the children of the late Prof. (Mrs.) Edith Ihekweazu have donated an alcove for the African Children’s Literature Research Collection. Chikwe Ihekweazu, Ada Ozoemena and Edozie Ihekweazu presented this in memory of their mother, who was an active contributor to the Children’s Centre and strong proponent of African literature during her lifetime. The donation includes bookshelves, table and chairs, and Hausa leatherwork pouffes. The family has also undertaken to build up the collection with an annual gift for book purchases, beginning with N20,000 received from Ada Ozoemena in June 2006.

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu made the presentation at a reception held during his visit to Nigeria in May 2005. During the occasion Chikwe spoke on the positive role the Children’s Centre played in his generation’s growing up, and members shared memories of Edith and her contributions to the project.

Edith Ihekweazu was part of the Children’s Centre from the very beginning, attending the library opening in October 1978. She was foundation member of the Children’s Centre Committee and Playground Committee, as well as Treasurer of UWA during the project’s formative years. Edith also contributed to the academic life of the University as a scholar in languages and literature and her first Nigerian female professor.

The African Children’s Literature Research Collection developed from the committee’s practice of acquiring a second copy of every African children’s book they could find. As a result, the library houses a valuable collection of Nigerian and other African children’s books, consulted by numerous scholars and students over the years.

Ada Udechukwu donates computer and office furniture

The former secretary of the library committee, Ada Udechukwu, gave the sum of N30,000 for furniture during a visit to Nsukka in January 2006. The money was used to build three tables and a printer stand for the computer laboratory and a custom-built cabinet to house the office files. The Centre is very grateful for Ada’s continuing support of the Children’s Centre.

Children's Centre ``Alumni`` raise 800,000 naira for 25th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary celebrated in May 2004, former Children’s Centre members at home and abroad, now grown, donated 800,000 naira toward Children’s Centre development.  Many expressed their appreciation for the role Children’s Centre Library played in their childhood and wished in this way to help such opportunities continue for future generations.

PULA donates 2,000 books to school libraries

In the first half of 2008 the Children’s Centre distributed 2,000 books donated by People United for Libraries in Africa (PULA) to 8 primary schools in the Nsukka area. These included books shipped from the United States and those purchased locally from publishers in Nigeria. A team from Children’s Centre held on-the-spot cataloguing sessions to help the schools organize their collections. Recipients included Central School I, Township II, Model School 2 (pictured here) and Agu Achara in Nsukka and schools in the rural communities of Obimo, Nguru, and Nru.  This was the 1st of continuing donations by PULA, to schools and the prison library.

Merrileas Nursery raises funds for Children's Centre

Children of the Merrileas Nursery of Parkside School, England recently raised funds for Children’s Centre by designing and making their own Christmas cards. Proceeds of the sales came to 317 pounds sterling. The Children’s Centre is very grateful to the children for this laudable effort, and to our good friend Sue Ubagu for continuing to connect us.

Chief (Dr.) E. C. Iwuanyanwu donates 18-seater bus

September 2008 saw the arrival of a new bus for the Children’s Centre. It was purchased from the 2 million naira donated by Chief (Dr.) E. C. Iwuanyanwu following the Children’s Centre 25 th Anniversary. Already the bus has been put to good use for long vacation excursions, school visits, and trips to Enugu for the 2008 book fair and other purposes. We are very grateful to our ever-generous donor for this most valuable gift!

Pavilion rebuilt at new playground in Uju Ubagu's memory

The Children’s Centre pavilion, originally built at the old playground in 1980 and decorated with sculptures by the students of El Anatsui, has been re-constructed at the permanent playground site. It is named in loving memory of Uju Ubagu (1983-2006), whose memorial fund supplied 630 pounds sterling for the re-construction. The sculptures were rescued from the old site just as bulldozers moved in to start construction for the NUGA games. The new pavilion, which features a thatched roof and brightly-painted dwarf wall, is fast becoming a favorite spot for relaxation and story hour activities.

Prof. Judith Osuala collection

The Children’s Centre recently opened a memorial collection on Women and Development in honour of our late member, Prof. Judith D. C. Osuala. Judy suggested the idea of the collection and offered her materials as a beginning shortly before her death. A professor of adult education and community development, Judy left an extensive collection of journals, reports and conference papers on women’s studies, education, health, and sustainable development. The Children’s Centre thanks her family for this valuable addition to our collection.

Donations Over The Years

Children’s Centre donations, 2011-2012

  • Uma Agarwal, our founding member now resident in India, for $200.00
  • Indianapolis Public Library for 2 cartons of books
  • Peninsula Community Library, Traverse City, Michigan for books
  • Virginia Dike for postage of books from the U.S. and donation of books from South Africa
  • Ejim Dike for continuing sponsorship of the website
  • Chinelo Dike-Minor for 6 puppets
  • Chinweze Dike for 2 cartons of comics for prison libraries and postage from U.S.

Children’s Centre donations, 2009-2010

  • Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (courtesy of Curt Witteveen and Miriam Geib) – 130 books
  • Traverse Area District Library (courtesy of Director Metta T. Lansdale and Barbara Nowinsky) – 90 books
  • People United for Libraries in Africa (PULA) (courtesy of Mark and Mary Dunn) – $500 for school libraries
  • Virginia W. Dike – $230 for postage of books to Nigeria
  • Ejim Dike – sponsorship of website for 6th year at $100 per year
  • Ihekweazu family – N25,000 for the 6th annual grant for the African
  • Children’s Literature Research Collection in memory of their mother, Prof. Edith Ihekweazu
  • Pius Udo, the Centre’s first youth corper (1989), now the librarian of the ILO in Abuja, and family – N5,000
  • Postgraduate Students of Childhood Education – N10,000
  • University Librarian, Dr. Charles Omekwu for donation of 12 tables and 38 chairs
  • Chinweze Dike for assistance in maintaining the website
  • Books from the Spanish Embassy, American Embassy, Kalu and Dike families

Children’s Centre donations, 2007-2008

    • Department of Library and Information Science for N300,000 given for use of Children’s Centre materials during the NERDC workshop on school libraries in basic education held in Abuja in September 2007;


    • Kodili Ezeike for donation of N25,000 to Children’s Centre;


    • Lis Odenigbo for 400 Euros donated during her visit to the Centre in September 2007;


    • Sue Ubagu for 630 GBP, or N158.760, given by family and friends in memory of her daughter Uju Ubagu;


    • Merrileas Nursery School at the Parkside School, England for fundraising through creating Christmas cards, which raised 302 GBP, or N67,960;


    • Parkside School, England for fundraising that yielded 811 GBP, or N181.190;


    • Dr. Obi Umeh and family for a gift of N30,000;


    • Ada Ozoemena for N20,000, being the annual gift from the Ihekweazu family in memory of their mother, Prof. (Mrs.) Edith Ihekweazu;


    • Ejim Dike for sponsoring the Children’s Centre website ($100) for the fourth year in a row;


    • Ngozi Odenigbo for donating 1225 Euros raised for Children’s Centre at her birthday party. Donors include: Katja Dettmering, 200; Hildegard Stiegeler, 100; Fuasi Abdul Khaliq and Barbara Hiltmann, 50; Anneliese, 50; Pasquale Rotter, 30; Restaurant Langano, 30; Ulrike Kabyl, 30,00; Philine and Anna, 30; Kerstin and Moses, 25; Hannah Stiegeler and Nico, 25. Donations of 20 Euros were made by Madalena and Ingo; Sylvia Gößel-Momme and Reinhard Momme; Marcel; Jochen Sippel; Robyn Lyn Gooch; Christoph Wagner; Mille Daalsgaaard; Jessi Abayomi and Family; Shashe Family; Oliver and Katja Kollecker; Elisabeth Mayer; Julia Simmendinger; Oliver and Katja Kollecker; Azuka Mordi; and Elisabeth Mayer. Others include a donation of 15 Euros from Patrick Macharon and Annie; and of 10 Euros from Mosa Anna Essel; Jo Ambros; Luther; Nicole Becker; Alexandar Prvulovic; Sarah Walzer; Yvonne; Steffi Schneider, Piero Tomas and Family; Barbara Stiegeler and Mario Schmidke; Claudia Kahrs and Roman Emmerich; and Jana Heussen. Other donations are from Jenni, Caro, Tati, 6; Viola, 5; Ukata and Sonia Arua, 5; and anonymous donations totalling 419.95 Euros.


    • Ogonna Agu, Rebecca Llach and friends for donation of a digital camera; other contributors include Fawn Moskowitz, Robert and Gloria Llach, Sean Clark, Devon Dawkins, Angelo Maxwell, and Yadira Ferrer.


    • Indianapolis Public Library for two M-bags of books; postage of $208 donated by Jill Dike;


    • Traverse Area District Library for one M-bag of books and postage of $96;


    People United for Libraries in Africa (PULA) for donating books to the African Children’s Literature Research Collection and support of our school libraries outreach

Children’s Centre donations, 2005-2006

    • Ada Udechukwu N30,000 for furniture


    • Ihekweazu family N20,000 for research collection


    • Lelechi Ekezie computer and printer


    • Osita Ike set of encyclopedias


    • Lemeke Mere N10,000


    • PULA – books for schools and prisons


    • Indianapolis Public Library – books


    • Traverse Area District Library – books


    • Indianapolis Public School 106 – books


    • Donna Summers $40 postage


    • Nancy Hunt $40 postage


    • Kathy Jenkins $10 postage


    • Virginia Dike $90 postage


    • Willi Kalu – books, magazines, tests


    • Ify Nebo – Sunday school materials


    • Jo Okereke – books


    • Chimamanda Adichie for her book


    • Edem Ikoku N2,000


    Prof. and Mrs. A.C. Anyanwu N5,000

Children’s Centre donations, 2010-2011

Children’s Day Celebration

  • UWA 20,000.00 Dr. M. O. Okoye 1,000.00
  • Prof. El Anatsui 10,000.00 Dr. Alice M. Okore 1,000.00
  • Dr. Anthonia Uzuegbunam (on behalf of grandchildren Ketochukwu & Nkimpka) 10,000.00
  • Mr. Vincent Ekwelem
  • Mr. Dim
  • Dr. Mercy U. Nwegbu 1,000.00
  • 1,000.00
  • 1,000.00
  • Prof. Uche Nzewi 10,000.00 Dr. Ezekiel O. Omeje 1,000.00
  • Prof. Chinedu Nebo 10,000.00 Dr. Victor N. Nwachukwu 1,000.00
  • Prof. Kate Oreh 5,000.00 Mr. Cyprian I Ugwu 1,000.00
  • Dr. Jo Alumanah 5,000.00 Mr. N. T. Imo 1,000.00
  • Dr. Nkadi Onyegegbu 5,000.00 Mr. E. D. Chigbu 1,000.00
  • F. Jumoke Oloidi 5,000.00 Jerry Ezirim 1,000.00
  • Mrs. C. I. Ezekwe (on behalf of grandchildren Ike, Ugonna, Chimdindu, Somtochukwu)
  • 5,000.00 Mr. Ernest C. Onah
  • Prof. Vero Okeke (on behalf of granddaughter Obimdinachi 1,000.00
  • 1,000.00
  • Dr. Chizua Umeano 4,000.00 Maggi Acholonu 1,000.00
  • Anonymous 2,500.00
  • Mr. Chijioke Ugwuanyi 500.00
  • Dr.(Mrs.) U.kwe 2,000.00 Dr. Amaka Okafor 500.00
  • Anthony N. Eke 2,000.00 Mr. A. A. Ali 500.00
  • Anonymous 2,000.00 Mr. B. Asadu 500.00
  • Prof. Elsie Ogbonna 2,000.00 Mr. C. C. Eze 500.00
  • Ms. Terri Emezi (on behalf of grandchildren Chiwetara Mandela & Adannaya Lonay) 2,000.00
  • Mr. I. Ezema
  • Mr. Brendan Asogwa
  • Anonymous 500.00
  • 400.00
  • 300.00
  • Mrs. Nkechi Okeke 1,000.00 Uche Ukaegbu 200.00

Total 120,400.00

Sandor Peri Memorial Art Prize of 500 Pounds
The Children’s Centre has received the 2010 Sandor Peri Memorial Art Prize of 500 pounds sterling (N119,750.00) for creation of art work in the playground. Sandor Peri, the University architect from 1975-1987, graciously donated the design for the Children’s Centre Madam Hulder Iwuanyanwu Building in 1980. The prize was instituted by his wife Liz and friends in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts following his death in 2007 as a way of continuing his legacy to the arts. We are very grateful to Liz Peri for this generous donation.

Children’s Centre donations, 2008-2009

    • Ejim Dike for sponsoring the website for the fifth year @ approximately $100 per year;


    • The Edith Ihekweazu Family for their 5th annual grant of N20,000 for the research collection;


    • Chinweze Dike for donating his extensive collection of super hero comics;


    • Kodili Ezeike for N25,000, used to construct a photo album display case;


    • Willi Kalu for a donation of $70;


    • Ify Nebo for stitch-and-stuff artwork depicting Noah’s ark;


    • Indianapolis Public Library, USA for 2 cartons of books donated in April 2009;


    • Traverse Area District Library, USA for 5 cartons of books + postage of $378;


    • People United for Libraries in Africa for US $1,500 to buy books for school libraries;


    • Katia Novet Saint-Lot, author of Amadi’s Snowman, for 5 copies of her picture book;


    • Virginia Dike for $200 for website & N12,000;


    • Books from Ejim, Nkem & Chinelo Dike.


    • Children’s Day Celebration


    • Cash donations


    • Bonez Nig.Ltd. N50,000;


    • Jives Pure Water N10,000;


    • Chioma Bakeries N5,000;


    • UNN MFB N40,000;


    • Hilson Nig.Ltd. N10,000;


    • Prof. A.C.Anyanwu N5,000;


    • John Holt Nig. N20,000;


    • Albertina N10,000;


    • Prof. Uche Agwagah N3,000;


    • Jendicks Nig.Ltd. N10,000;


    • Lolo Okwor N5,000;


    • Ferdinand Asogwa N2,000;


    • Emyap Nig.Ltd. N10,000;


    • Lolo Mamah N5,000


    • Prof. Nwadike N1,000;


    • Total = N186,000


    • Non-cash donations


    • University of Nigeria General Enterprises 50 pieces of meat pie;


    • University of Nigeria water resources laboratories 20 bags pure water + 1 carton bot. water;


    • Coca Cola Bottling Company 3 crates mineral;


    • Anthony Obetta 3 crates mineral;


    • Dr. (Mrs.) Ifeoma Echezona 2 cartons Beloxi cream cracker biscuits;


    • Ecaison Pure Water 10 bags of pure water;


    • Chitis Bakeries 500 kg chin chin;


    • Mr. and Mrs. Umeano 100 chairs


    • M. C. Pure Water 20 bags pure water + 4 cartons bottled water;


    • UBA Plc UNN branch 5 dozen 40 leaves exercise books;


    • Prof. A. C. Anyanwu 2 cartons Beloxi cream cracker biscuits.

Children’s Centre donations, 2006-2007

    • Library Donations


    • Margrit Meagher, $50 for computer materials


    • Prof. T. Nwala, N5,000


    • Traverse Area District Library for books


    • Christie Achebe for $100


    • Indianapolis Public Library for books


    • Susan Gillespie, Vice Pres. of Bard College, on her visit to CCL, $50


    • Nancy Street for books, including World Book Encyclopedia, 2003


    • Bibiana Ukaegbu for 158 books


    • Rebecca Peace Nwude for books


    • Ada Ozoemena for Ihekweazu family,N20,000 for African children’s books


    • Janet Claassen for books and library supplies


    • Esther Uchendu for 10 books


    • University Staff School for N1,000


    • Willi Kalu for a collection of books for PETS


    • Ejim Dike for sponsoring the website for two years ($200)


    • PULA – books for schools and prisons


    • Lawn Mower Donations


    • Engr. B.O. Anyaka 500.00


    • Mrs. Alice Okore 1,000.00


    • Dr. & Dr (Mrs.) E.O. Ezeani 1,000.00


    • Mrs. Scholastica Igwe 200.00


    • Mrs. Ify Nebo 10,000.00


    • Prof. & Dr. (Mrs) P.I. Akubue 500.00


    • Mr. Paul Ugoji 5,000.00


    • Miss M.N. Ajogwu 500.00


    • Dr. (Mrs.). Ogo Amucheazi 2,000.00


    • Prof. Charles Igwe 1,000.00


    • Prof. Virginia Dike 2,000.00


    • Dr. (Mrs.) Chinwe Nwagbo 3,000.00


    • Mr & Mrs, E.O. Izukanne 500.00


    • Prof. & Mrs. P.A. Nwachukwu 2,000.00


    • Prof. Judith Osuala 2,000.00


    • Miscellaneous sales 1,000.00


    • Mrs. Ngozi Ekere 500.00

Children's Centre Silver Jubilee Fundraising - 2004

    • International Fundraising for Development


    • Ada Udechukwu (for Lib.) $200


    • Lesley Onuora 25 pounds


    • Almaz Atta (Ada’s sister) $100


    • Nkem Dike N3,000


    • Ann Easterley $5


    • Mary Ellen Chijioke &family $250


    • Nancy Street (Ohuche) $40


    • Ejim Dike (for Library) $100


    • Joanne Ezeilo 100 Pounds


    • Onye Uzoukwu & family $300


    • Uche Nwafor N5,000


    • Nneoma Ezeike $50


    • Ada & Chijioke Ozoemena N10,000


    • Chinelo Dike $100


    • Chinezi Chijioke $50


    • Kamalu family (Nkechi) $200


    • Nneka Chukwukere $50


    • Ije Dike-Young $100


    • Dayo Ogunyemi $30


    • Local Donations and Sales of Silver Jubilee Publications


    • Prof. S. Onyegegbu N5,000


    • Eneyo Eyo N3,500


    • Mrs. Phoebe Ezeilo 5,000


    • Prof. & Mrs. L. A. Agu 1,000


    • Dr. O. Okereke 1,400


    • Prof. J. O. A. Okoye 2,000


    • Dr. Inyama 1,000


    • Prof. Mosta Onuoha 1,500


    • Dr. Eddie Alumanah 1,000


    • Prof. & Mrs. P. I. Akubue 1,000


    • Mr. Chris Uzuegbunam 1,000


    • Pastor&Mrs. B.O.N. Nwakile 5,000


    • Mr. G. S. O. Aneke 1,000


    • Dr. Uche Nzewi 2,000


    • Mr. Onwubiko 1,000


    • Other sales 6,500


    • Other sales 23,100

Donations during Children’s Centre Silver Jubilee Celebration
Obong Rita Akpan,Hon.Min.of Women Affairs N50,000
Dr. (Mrs.) Uche Azikiwe Developing football field for N50,000
Chief (Dr.) F. Odimegwu N50,000+ 20 cartons of drinks
Chief (Dr.) E.C.Iwuanyanwu N50,000 (for cutting of cake)
Dr. & Dr.(Mrs.) Uwakwem N20,000

Additional Donations
Nancy Street 2 M-bags of books
Traverse Area District Library 2 M-bags of books
Indianapolis Public Library 2 M-bags of books
Peris Maduka $50
Una Okonkwo Osili $25
Barbara Nowinsky $30
Keith Acker & Julie Bradley $40
Earlene Young $25
Christian Endeavours $200
Johnetta and Sandra Young $100
Bibiana Ukaegbu $100 For the library
Elisabeth Odenigbo (CCL) $400 For library books
Ike Anya 100 pounds